Established in 2014, Pokal Custom Felgen (Pokal Wheels) is a custom forged wheel manufacturing company located in Los Angeles, California.

All of our wheels are made from aerospace grade forged aluminium – FEA tested with emphasis on accuracy and rigidity.

Each wheel is engineered with extreme precision and skilled machining. We test all of our wheels at ligament race tracks for serious users as well. The entire line of Pokal Custom Felgen wheels are focused on our premier finish, whether it be polished, chrome, brushed or powder-coated.

Our design standards we are making for the scene rapidly come and go. Some are inspired from classic heritage, other designs are created from a blank canvas. But It can be said that all for our products are aimed for the classy / traditional look with some innovative essence.

Pokal Custom Felgen will help you fulfill lifestyle, not just your car